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 Sapphire Windows


     Sapphire windows are ideal for applications where high pressure, vacuum, or
     corrosive atmospheres are a consideration.Sapphire windows will exceed all
     other optical materials in harsh environments, providing a better barrier between
     elements. Creator Optics can make various Sapphire Windows according to
     special requirements and drawing. All of these Sapphire Windows are available
     with high-precision polished surface, surface accuracy and parallelism.

Specifications of Sapphire Windows:
Specifications/Grade Precise Standard
Material of Sapphire Windows CZ Sapphire, Ky Sapphire, HEM Sapphire
Diameter of Sapphire Windows Dia1mm to 150mm, customize available
Thickness of Sapphire Windows 0.2mm to 50mm , customize available
Diameter Tolerance 0.05mm 0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance 0.025mm 0.05mm
Edge of Sapphire Windows fine ground or polished fine ground or polished
Chamfer/Beve of Sapphire Windows 0.25*45° 0.25*45°
Flatness / Surface Accuracy /8 per inch @633nm /2 per inch @633nm
Parallelism of Sapphire Windows 30 arc sec 3 arc min
Surface Qulitity of Sapphire Windows 20/10 60/40
Clear Aperture of Sapphire Windows 90% 90%
Coating for Sapphire Windows AR/AR coated for two surfaces of Sapphire Windows, customize available

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